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A 7-12 free public charter school in Ogden, Utah.

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PVT Zachary Sharkey

sUAS Drone Instructor

There I was, Salem Massachusetts on the eve of 13 Jan 1998. With just being born I then realized I had a bigger calling. So I then spent my life training for the army. While I spent my life training, I did not want to be committed to one specific state moving to 4 different states. Massachusetts, New Mexico, Texas, then finally Utah. Here in Utah is where my training really began. I began attending the Utah Military Academy. Laying the foundation for the school, helping out with the 1st graduating class. Now this was my time to begin my career, all while still receiving my education. Thanks to Staff Sergeant(P) Rhodes, I then went off to Basic Combat Training at Fort Sill Oklahoma. Now this momentous task was arduous and the task was to continue and refine myself. To then move on to becoming an American Soldier. Now let’s not forget that I have not graduated. However, I still had the obligation and opportunity to graduate from this great institution and “House of Learning Doctors”. I then graduated and left for the desert down south. Also known as Arizona. My Job training was tough. Not so many could accomplish what had been done. However, it had to be this guy to complete the job. The job you say isn’t such a secret. More of the unknown. I became an Unmanned Aircraft Systems Maintainer. They said I couldn’t do it. They said many things. In the end of that I got more from the Army. The Army sent me to Airborne School. Now this short three weeks became some of the best in my life. I mean who else jumps out of a plane willingly. I can’t think of really any individual besides me who could do what needed to be done. That was still Jumping out of a plane. Now the instructors were so kind to give me a parachute. I initially said “I don’t need it, I have god on my side.’, So 8 lbs 6 oz newborn infant Jesus, doesn’t even know a word, said “you need the parachute, your not me”. I listened. I got my parachute and jumped not once, but five whole times. After that great endeavor, I went home. I then waited for what ever this great army had for me. It was “drill”(an army specified time for a soldier to be at a location to conduct training for a deployment). This drill I was pumped. I was ready. My platoon sergeant said your country needs you. I already knew that by now. Only this time it was with a big purpose, to get my plane up in the air. So for six months that I spent in a foreign country(destination unknown), I did my duty and did it well. So after I was all done I went home and started working at this fine institution of learning doctors. Now I am here.

Strength and Honor

SPC. Sharkey, Zachary R.