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Utah Military Academy

A 7-12 free public charter school in Ogden, Utah.

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Newsletter: FY 17-30

Plebe Week

Plebe Week: Plebe week is 14 - 17 August, 0800-1230 and is MANDATORY for ALL CADETS.  The week will include mandatory testing for both academics and JROTC physical fitness as well as pictures for student ID's.  Please ensure your cadet is there or their academic classes will be delayed the following week while they complete the required aspects of plebe week they missed.  Activities for plebe week include flight assignments, classroom rotations, ID and school photos, academic testing, PT testing, Leadership Reaction Course @ Camp Williams (Jr. High only), locker assignments, and introductory classes to UMA and JROTC.

Plebe Week Uniforms

  1. Monday - Soft Uniform, Blue Polo (If you do not have a uniform yet wear khaki pants and a blue or black polo shirt)

  2. Tuesday - Picture day, All cadets need to be in ABU's

  3. Wednesday - Jr High - ABU's with tennis shoes that can get wet/High School Soft Uniform, White Oxford (Khakis with white button up shirt if you do not have the uniform yet)

  4. Thursday - Jr High - Soft Uniform White Oxford/High School PT Gear

Uniform policy can be found on UMA website.  Please come Monday, 21 August as per the policy.

Paying Fees

Parents, you are now able to pay your fees online with a card at this link. Registration fees are 170, yearbook is 30, uniforms vary, depending on what you get. 

Please pay your fees with a card at this link:                                     

You can start making payments on your uniforms at this link:   

Free/Reduced Lunch Applications

For free/reduced lunch, you will complete these applications online during the Parent Plebe Dates. (see section on Parent Plebe for dates). You will know your results within 24 hours. Due to this being a state program, if you qualified at your previous school, you will qualify with UMA, though you DO NEED to complete an application with UMA. We will also use this application to let you know if you qualify for free/reduced fees.


Cadets will receive their schedules at Plebe Week, they have until August 25th to make changes, there is no guarantee they will receive the change they want. There will also be a charge for schedule changes after the 25th of $10. To make an appointment with a counselor, the procedure will be to call the main office and schedule an appointment with Mrs. Seward for either Ms. Pemberton or Mrs. Daw.


During Plebe Week, Coach Mayer will be conducting all the rules regulations and schedules that a student athlete here at UMA must go through in order to participate here at Utah Military academy. I will also introduce all of the Fall sports coaching staff as well as all of the other activities that we provided here at UMA.

Parent Plebe Dates

Parent Plebe Night/Day will be mandatory for all parents. You must attend at least 1 of the dates below. 

These dates/times are for parents only. 

Hill Field Campus - Riverdale, UT 

  • Saturday August 12th - 0800  
  • Tuesday August 15th - 0800 - During Cadet Plebe Week 
  • Tuesday August 15th - 1800 (6p) 

If you can not make any of the dates above, you will have to attend the make up date in October, Exact Date/Time TBD. 

Information to be reviewed:

  1. Free/Reduced Lunch Applications
  2. Aspire Usage
  3. Fees
  4. Website Review
  5. Title 1 Information
  6. NWEA Information
  7. Cadet Handbook
  8. Cadet Uniforms
  9. Policies/Discipline
  10. Administration Introduction