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Utah Military Academy

A 7-12 free public charter school in Ogden, Utah.

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First Day of School Uniform

Parents, Monday’s uniform is the White oxford shirt, khaki slacks, and black/brown canvas shoes. Tennis shoes are fine, but no lavish colors that take your eye from the uniform. Black socks are required for every uniform. If your cadet has not yet been issued uniforms, please see #4 on the newsletter below.

Extra Credit Option for CPT Curtis' Classes

Parents and Cadets, one of our Instructors, Captain Curtis, is currently starring in the play "Wait Until Dark" at Centerpoint Legacy Theater in Centerville. It is a suspenseful-thriller that runs Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 7:00 pm. It runs until September 1, and Cadets in Theater 1, or any of CPT Curtis' classes can receive extra credit thru attendance. Tickets can be purchased online at or by calling (801) 298-1302.  Using the code "DOLL" will save you $2 per ticket! Any questions can also be directed to CPT Curtis at

White Oxford Shirts

If your Cadet is too small for the XS white oxford shirt, Adult XS is the smallest shirt available through our distributor. You can purchase a shirt that fits your cadet and take it to Intermountain T-Shirt Company in Ogden, and they will put the patch on it for $5.We will deduct the fee for the white oxford from your account if you return it brand new or have not been issued one.

If your cadet has Not gotten their Uniform

They will be fitted during their military class/JROTC class the first week of school. Please have them wear Khaki slacks, and a white button up shirt, if they do not yet have their uniforms. The button up shirt can be short sleeve or long sleeve. Black socks, and black shoes. 

Lost/Dropped Uniform Items

Please remember to put your cadets name in ALL of the uniforms: As of today we have a jacket, several hats, a couple of blue polos, ect that have been left in various locations in the school. It will not surprise you that there wasn’t a name in any of them. PLEASE save yourself the expense of buying new uniforms items...purchase a laundry marker and put your cadet’s name in every piece of clothing.

Reno Air Races

The Utah Military Academy will be hosting our annual amazing opportunity to attend:  The Reno National Air Races, 12-14 September 201. Depart UMA Hill Field Campus- 11am, 12 Sep (UMA-VP Cadets will be bused to the Hill Field campus) Attend Air Races- all day 13 Sep. Return to UMA Hill Field Campus- 14 Sep approx. 6pm. Cost- $150 This is an amazing opportunity to witness the one of America’s greatest aviation sporting events. Along with the races are a variety of associated activities including visits to the racing pits, various air show events, and a number of static displays.  The cost will cover 2 dinners, 2 breakfasts, 2 nights’ hotel, transportation, and entry to the Air Races. Additional cost will be food while traveling, (cadets may bring food on the bus), lunch during races and any souvenirs. There are 45 slots for cadets. (Note: We are looking for 8 parents that would like to chaperone; at least two from VP Campus. Chaperones will be paying for hotel only). High school cadets have first priority. Sign up will be first come first serve. Registration and deposit due 1 Sep. Final payment due 8 Sep. Cadets will be responsible for missing assignments while gone.

Back to School Stomps

We are excited to start the new year with a lot of great programs and opportunities. Please join us as we officially welcome back our cadets on Friday,. 24 Aug. We will start with an afternoon assembly- BGen Christine Burckle, Utah’s first female commander of the Air National Guard will speak. After her presentation, the SBOs will host a Welcome Back Stop. It will run from 1:30pm to 3:00pm. Jr Hs will be in the cafeteria, high school will be in the gym. Cost will be $5. Refreshments will be available for purchase.


We are very excited about the list of TEAM activities after school this year. We strongly encourage your cadets to come out and participate. The 2018-19 list will be posted on the UMA website by Wednesday, and we will start on Monday, 27 August.  Once TEAM time starts, make sure, if your cadet stays after school, they are engaged in one of these great activities. If the do not want to participate, they are expected to head home immediately after school. There is no team time this week, so cadets should be departing at 3pm.

  • JH Volleyball begins non-mandatory practices on Monday, the 20th after school.  Tryouts on the 27th.
  • Cross Country meeting for all runners after school on Monday, 20th.
  • Home Baseball vs. APA Draper Tuesday 21st 4pm
  • Girls Volleyball Home vs. Dugway Thursday 23rd 5pm and 615pm
  • Home Baseball vs. Merritt Academy Friday 24th 2pm and 4pm

Registration Fees and How to Pay 

Parents, if you would like to see what your cadet owes for fees, please login to Aspire. Please note incoming 8-12th graders do not yet have their uniforms applied, unless they were already issued uniforms. If you would like to pay those fees with a card you can do so, by clicking on the "make a payment" button in Aspire. If you want to pay cash or check please come into the front office. Please note, during the first 2 weeks of school, we will not be taking credit card payments IN THE OFFICE. Please utilize the online tools to make all card payments online. Cash or check only in the office. Thank you for your understanding. If you would like to see the fee schedule please visit: 

Carpooling and Trax Passes

  1. Carpooling: Parents, you should have received an invite to join our carpool. For some reason, those with Yahoo accounts are having issues. If you have not received your invite, and you have a Yahoo account, please provide an alternate email to Mrs. Chandler and she can re invite you. Also, if you do not need carpool because you can drive your cadet to and from school, please login and create an account, you may be able to help other Cadets needing a ride to and from school. All carpooling hours can be applied to your volunteer hours for the year. 

  2. UTA Passes  If your Cadet needs a UTA pass please provide the front office with a Mapquest showing your homes address (must match address in Aspire) and the schools address 5120 S 1050 W. Riverdale, UT 84405, including the total mileage. As soon as you provide this, we can charge accordingly. We will charge for UTA Passes, by distance. The cost covers the whole school year and is good for all UTA services. Please see the fee schedule for the costs. If you live less than 10 miles from the school, we recommend using a carpool.

Aspire Accounts

Parents, many of you have already created your Aspire accounts, but a few of you have not. Please log on and create the account. This is a great way to keep track of your Cadet. It gives you access to view their attendance, grades, missing work, contact the teachers, and ensure their/your contact info is always up to date. To create an account if you have not already done so, please go to Aspire: Click on the blue, “Request a Username” You will need your Cadet’s student ID (you will have to call the office, or send an email requesting this) and DOB. If you have more than one Cadet at UMA, and they are not all showing up in your account, please call the office, and they can link all cadets to one account.


6:50-7:45 Monday - Thursdays. To sign up, you just need to show up on the first day, August 27th, and they will get you registered. The address to the church is: 5500 So. 1175 W. Riverdale, UT 84405. Most Cadets just walk down from the church after Seminary to attend school.

Free/Reduced Lunch Application

Free/Reduced Lunch applications are now available online and in Aspire. Please log into your Aspire account and apply or print the applications.  We also have applications available in the front office. Here is the website for the online applications: