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UMA administration has been reviewing the attached suggestions from USBE, and we have come to a consensus regarding end-of-year grading and wind down (or is it ramp up?) towards graduation. As always, we greatly appreciate your flexibility and patience. We recognize how exhausting and non-vacation-like this adventure has been, and we applaud you all for your continued success and efforts!


1) Focus on Competency, not Completion

    a) Teachers will accept all late work for full credit

    b)  Be flexible and understanding

    c) Teachers will excuse assignments or create new ones as they see fit-- to measure competency and give an appropriate grade 

2) Teachers should stop issuing new assignments between May 1-6

3) "Final grades" should be set by May 8th

4) After May 8th, 

    a) Teachers will focus on cadets that need to bring up their grades

    b) Grades cannot drop, only raise

    c) Assessments may be created and given in lieu of other assignments to measure competency

5) Final grades locked in Aspire by May 22nd

6) No Fail - use letter grades, but F’s will be changed to Incomplete

    a) Teachers will allow cadets to turn in assignments to fix In-completes

    b) Final day to fix In-completes is May 29th 

Directions for SENIORS only:

1) No new assignments after May 1st

2) Final grades posted May 8th

a) No fixing grades (Credit Recovery) after May 8th!

Summer School

Due to the construction at UMA over the summer, we will not be hosting credit recovery or summer school. If your cadet needs to get started on credit recovery, northridge learning center sells packets you can purchase and complete, they will send transcripts showing completion to the counselors to ensure you get the grades on your transcripts.

Graduation Options

We have been hard at work planning possible options for graduation. We have been anxiously waiting to hear from Governor Herbert as well as local government agencies before making any decisions. However, we know you are all anxious as well. Therefore, we have decided to send out an email today alerting you to the possible options we are considering.

Option 1: IF the Governor as well as Weber County and Ogden City Governments allow indoor gatherings of 100 by graduation date of May 22, we will hold graduation at 6 pm at Peery's Egyptian Theater 2415 Washington Blvd, Ogden, UT 84401. IF we are limited to 100 attendees then we will have just the graduating cadets and 1-2 guests each, seated 6 feet apart, and only essential admin.IF, we are able to have more than 100 attendees, then we will let you know how many more you can invite.

Option 2: IF government agencies allow outdoor gatherings, but not indoor gatherings, by graduation date of May 22 then we will hold our graduation at a local park (time of day to be determined). If we do this option, we will let you know how many guests you can invite and how we will arrange seating so we follow proper social distancing protocol.

Option 3: IF government agencies are still not allowing either outdoor or indoor gatherings of 100 or more, then we will be doing a "Drive In" graduation. This type of graduation will be held at either the Drive In theater next to UMA or at an area business with a parking lot large enough to hold 75-100 cars. Each graduate can decorate their vehicle, if desired. They would park their vehicle in the parking lot and stay INSIDE their cars. The ceremony (speakers, music, etc) will be broadcast via sound system and facebook live stream so graduates and their guests can watch and hear the ceremony inside their vehicles. This would require each attendee to be able to access facebook live through a personal device of some type. At the end of the program, graduates will be announced one at a time, get out of their car and walk to the front to retrieve their diploma (they will not be able to shake hands, or get closer than 6' to admin), have their picture taken, and return to their vehicle before the next name is called.  The time for this option will be determined as the date gets closer.

Things to know:

  • No matter what, some type of graduation ceremony will take place. Target date is May 22.

  • If you still need to order a cap and gown, please do so ASAP. If you have not ordered and do not order within the next 2 weeks (by May 1), then you will not be allowed to "walk". If you have a financial issue keeping you from ordering, please let Mrs. Horning know ASAP. (

  • The ceremony will be streamed via FaceBook live. We are also looking into streaming it via YouTube. This will allow family and friends, no matter where they live, to be able to watch the ceremony.

Uniform Return for High School Cadets that are NOT RETURNING

UMA Parents, Military uniforms are the property of UMA and the United States Air Force.  As such all cadets not returning to UMA next year will need to return their uniforms to the school. Official Transcripts will not be sent out or diploma's handed out until the uniforms are returned. Due to COVID-19 UMA is instituting a drive through uniform return.  Starting 4 May through 15 May all uniforms may be returned at the logistics doors on the side of the building with the portables (closest to the street).  An AFJROTC instructor will come out to your vehicle and collect your uniforms and mark you as completed.

No appointment is needed to drop off uniforms for high school cadets who are NOT returning.  

The hours of collection are as follows:


      1. Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9AM-12PM

      2. Tuesday/Thursday 5PM-7PM


All uniforms items that must be returned:


      1. Air Force Blues shirt, pants, belt  and hat

      2. ABU blouse, pants, and hat


    1. High School cadets only NOT RETURNING TO UTAH MILITARY ACADEMY  (in addition to above)

      1. Lightweight Air Force blues jacket and liner

      2. Air Force Blues Service Coat


Additionally while you are at the school you may enter the building for only a short time to clean out your locker.  No more than 10 cadets will be allowed in the building at a time for no longer than 10 minutes.  You must either receive AFJROTC instructor approval or sign up for an appointment at the link below for locker clean out.  No appointment is needed for uniform drop off, however if you want to do locker clean out at the same time you will either need to make an appointment or wait until no more than 10 cadets are in the school.

Uniform Return for ALL 8th Grade Cadets

you must return the uniform items listed here, so that you can get uniforms for the official JROTC Program (WELCOME TO HIGH SCHOOL!!) YOU DO NEED AN APPOINTMENT for uniform return. Please click this link to sign up, you can also use this for locker sign up, rather than the one below to keep appointments together: 

Locker Clean Out

If you would like to come clean out your locker, please click the link and request an appointment. Please see below for uniform return dates/times if you are trying to do things at the same time. 8th graders can sign up for locker cleanout on the link above. We can not guarantee your entrance to the building without an appointment, so please do not just show up.


 If you have questions regarding your graduation status please contact a counselor. Also, If you have credits that need to be recovered continue working hard with credit recovery. The deadline for recovering credits is May 15th. If you have not completed

Chromebook Return

We will begin Chromebook return the first week in June. We will determine whether it will be an open house style turn in, or by appointment only, as the date gets closer.

Messages for Class of 2020

CPT Curtis and several Faculty are compiling messages, videos, and images to the Class of 2020. These will be compiled into specific videos and pages for each Graduate. If you would like to submit a message, video, etc. please go to and submit. You can submit as many times for as many different Graduates as you'd like. The cut-off for submission is May 11th, 2020.

SBO Application for 2020-2021

For incoming High School Cadets (9th-12th) that are interested in being on SBO for the 2020-2021 School Year, you must fill out an application and "file" to run at the Descriptions of each job and responsibility are on the form. Positions are open to incoming high-school Cadets, with each Cadet only eligible to run for ONE position. Cut-off for applications is May 8, 2020, with voting being held electronically May 9-15, 2020. Grade-specific positions will be chosen and elected in the Fall of 2020.

Virtual Prom Royalty

While we are unable to have an "in person" Prom, we'd still like to choose some Virtual Prom Royalty. Nominations are open now through Saturday, April 25th at Midnight, and then April 26 - May 1 will be voting between the top five in each category. To nominate, go to