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Utah Military Academy

A 7-12 free public charter school in Ogden, Utah.

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Academic Director's End of Year Message 

The 2018-2019 School Year is officially over, and that is bittersweet for me. UMA Faculty and Staff will be grateful for the chance to rest, review the year, and refocus our efforts on providing an even better education for your cadets. However, we will also continue to think about, and worry over those cadets.

I ask of all parents and guardians three things this summer:

  1. Read!

  2. Exercise!

  3. Serve!

1) Read! Statistically, students nationwide tend to lose 2-3 months worth of knowledge over the summer months, which can be detrimental for their overall academic growth. We usually see that drop in our fall NWEA scores as well. But little things like reading books, doing just a few minutes of math practice a day, and visiting museums can greatly decrease the “damage” of summer vacation. Simply continuing to read is the easiest, cheapest way to keep your brain active during the summer!

2) Exercise! Please do what you can to hold your cadets to a schedule, to help the transition back into the school year this August. Also, send them outside to play, ride a bike, go for a run, etc. We exercise at UMA, and it will be an easier transition if cadets stay active this summer.

3) Serve! Finally, encourage your cadets to give service this summer, to work hard for the sake of bettering someone else’s life. Helping others makes you happy!

Thank you for your fantastic efforts this year, and for being a part of our UMA family! We will miss your cadets over the next two months, we excitedly look forward to watching our graduating class go and do great things, and we hope everyone has a wonderful summer vacation!

FY20 Student Body Officers

  1. Student Body President - Cadet Lowe

    1. 12th Grade class President - Cadet Laureano

    2. 11th Grade Class President - Cadet Jones

    3. 10th Grade Class President - Cadet Blue

    4. 9th Grade Class President - Cadet Baum

    5. 8th Grade Class President - Cadet Andersen

  2. Student Body VP - Cadet John

  3. Student Body Secretary - Cadet Cornia

  4. Student Body Treasurer - Cadet Magalong

  5. Media/Public Affairs Officer - Cadet Powell

  6. 8th Grade Cadet Council - Cadet Seward, Cadet Nielsen, Cadet Ellis.

  7. 9th Grade Cadet Council - Cadet Pollock, Cadet Palafox, Cadet MIller.

  8. 10th Grade Cadet Council - Cadet Schilleman

  9. 11th Grade Cadet Council - Cadet Daniels, Cadet Santiago

  10. 12th Grade Cadet Council - Cadet Spencer, Cadet Montgomery, Cadet Smith.


Fall Sports Registration Portals are open on Register My Athlete; please register your child now if he/she intends to play a fall sport.

PIC Store/ 2019-20 PIC Board

( M-F) 7:30-8:00 am ( M-T) 3:00-4:00 pm. May 23 will be the last day the store will be open for the year. PIC would like to thank each of our parent volunteers who ran the store and for all the donations. Until the last day cadets can still buy snacks, drinks, soft uniforms such as polos, oxfords, sweat pants and coats for purchase. If you donated items or spent time running the store it counts toward your volunteer hrs. Every $10 = 1 vol hour. Hours can be recorded at www.helpcounter.web. PIC would like to introduce the 2019-20 PIC Board Members:Heather Harris-President Stephanie Pennington-VP High School, Elizabeth Weaver-VP Jr High, Dawn Tyler-Secretary

Summer Volunteer Opportunities 

Need to get a jump on your volunteer hrs this summer? UMA participates in various events during the summer including Sounds of Freedom- June 7-8 as well as city parades with Riverdale-July 4th and Ogden Pioneer Day- July 24th being some of the larger events. We will be needing about 30 cadets and several parents to help. Please check the FB Parent intel page and watch for our emails.If you have any questions please email and have a great summer!

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