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Utah Military Academy

A 7-12 free public charter school in Ogden, Utah.

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Lorri-Sue Blunt

English Instructor

Ms. Lorri-Sue Blunt is a BYU creative writing graduate who began to understand story and literary themes by helping her three high-school daughters make sense of William Faulkner and Tim O'Brien. Lorri-Sue loved her undergraduate courses, particularly those involving modern language usage, critical approaches to literature and epic poetry. Post graduate, she attended Adams State University and studied World Literature and Shakespeare, adding to her fund of knowledge about universal themes and literary archetypes. She received her teaching endorsement from the USOE in 2013 and passed the English Teaching Praxis Exam in 2014. Lorri-Sue instructed reading groups in Utah County before teaching grades 7-9 Language Arts, English Literature and Writing Composition.Her first novel, "Onion Girl" is a bildungsroman set in Augusta. Georgia.The story involves the personal growth of Sydney Jane Callens, a disgruntled ninth-grade oddball who befriends and socially saves another student who suffers with debilitating OCD. "Onion Girl" is available in both print and digital format on Amazon and Ms.Rupard recently passed the Utah State Language Arts Teaching Exam and is excited to be part of the excellent staff at Utah Military Academy .