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Utah Military Academy

A 7-12 free public charter school in Ogden, Utah.

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International Program

More Details to Come! 

College Preparation

  • ACT/SAT Preparation Classes
  • Structured focus program with tracking in preparation for College or Technical Careers
  • Higher Cognitive skill levels and information retention.
  • Internships in technical and political fields.  
  • Experienced leaders who advise and direct in preparation for the future. 

Leadership Opportunities

  • Significantly higher scores in the area of leadership, citizenship, and self-reliance. 
  • Full time JROTC Model, teaching classes in Leadership, integrity, and self reliance. 
  • Championship military and athletic teams

Aviation Program 

  • Classes for Aviation 
  • Classes for Ground School
  • Get your pilot's license while still in High School.


  • Coming August of 2019
  • UMA将培养学员成为领导者。毕业后能够在任何环境中茁壮成长。我们注重学生进入军事院校以及顶尖大学并获得ROTC奖学金。同时在高科技领域接受挑战。使每个学员有机会发掘他们的最大的潜力为未来的成功奠定坚实基础。