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Utah Military Academy

A 7-12 free public charter school in Ogden, Utah.

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History & Future

Utah Military Academy exists to serve the interest of students who desire a military environment. We will create this environment with a base of a strong, experienced board of directors, dedicated school leadership, and committed parents and community, who will support the work of changing students into cadets. We will demand a great deal of the cadets, and will support them at every turn in a task oriented process that ensures growth towards goals.

Failure is not an option.

Core Commitments

We will develop a strong set of Core Commitments for the cadets that will include:

  • Respect for themselves, their fellow cadets, faculty and staff, community and country
  • Integrity in every aspect of their life
  • Work ethic as a backbone of all accomplishment of the mind and body
  • Expectation of excellence as a key component of improvement
  • Gratitude for the opportunities provided them within Utah Military Academy, the community and our nation, with a focus on patriotism with determined and known purpose
  • Mind set of achievement in the face of daunting obstacles, challenges and odds

Strong Military Culture

We will provide a strong military culture:

  • A facility consistent with the theme, function and environment consistent with the military
  • Culture that includes proper military etiquette, rank, drill and ceremony, rigorous attention to detail, and the demands of leadership
  • Exposure to engagements with military leaders, equipment and training opportunities, safely guided and appropriate for our students
  • Challenging assignments that will truly push our cadets beyond their own expectations

Academic Environment of Excellence

We will provide a 'no excuses' academic environment of excellence:

  • Data driven instruction techniques will drive the course instruction, creating an environment for attention to individual academic achievement
  • Technology engagement that will facilitate the most recent blended learning opportunities, which share in the individual learning and data driven instruction
  • Professional staff selected for their background with the primary focus on academic achievement, and military experience being secondary and something we are dedicated to inculcating within staff
  • Academic opportunities beyond the classroom to include support in applying to military academies, colleges and universities
  • Extracurricular opportunities that will provide opportunities for cadets to practice leadership and personal growth
  • Rigor in academic delivery by the cadets with the expectation of cadets learning to demonstrate commitment to academic excellence, with our professional staff providing guidance and support at every turn
  • Dedication of staff to mission, which is ultimately measured in the individual achievement of our cadets

Family & Community

We will work with the family and community:

  • Parental and family engagement in meaningful ways that support all aspects of the cadets
  • Public engagement opportunities such as presentation and retirement of colors, drill and ceremony, public speaking and presentations of honor
  • Exposure to leadership as examples of excellence, opportunity and goal setting
  • Service opportunities which will build Core Commitments leading to entrenchment of the building blocks of leadership

These areas encompass all aspects of the Utah Military Academy and will provide the framework within which our cadets will maximize their individual abilities.