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Utah Military Academy

A 7-12 free public charter school in Ogden, Utah.

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Coach Ben Harman

Athletic Director / Physical Education Instructor

Coach Harman has been involved in athletics all of his life.  As a kid he participated in various sports but his greatest love was in running.  In college he decided that running was taking a toll on his knees so he switched to cross training in triathlon.  He has done 50 triathlons over the years.  Through all the triathlon training he engaged in his bodybuilding training and when he stopped racing he began to dedicate his time solely to bodybuilding.  He graduated from BYU in 1992 with a BS in Human Development.  He later graduated from SUU with a BS in Physical Education and BYU, again, with an MA in Recreation Administration and Youth Leadership.  He got his teaching certificate in 1998 and started his teaching career.  He has been certified in Utah, Oregon and Idaho and is qualified to teach physical education, health, Spanish and English as a second language.  During all of his education he also certified as a strength and conditioning specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association and has been training athletes for over 25 years and certified with the same organization shortly before coming to UMA as a Tactical Facilitator of training for military and first responders..  Finally, Coach Harman has also been employed in the private sector with the YMCA as Vice President of that local chapter and as General Manager with Golds Gym, Inc.  He began, what he hopes to be the final chapter of his career, at UMA as Strength Coach and Athletic Director in the 17-18 school year...and, he loves it!